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Money, Currency, Wealth

Currency is the root of all Evil. In a perfect world where we do not need the use of currency, most of these crimes would disappear. And as such would enlighten the lives of so many who will not be a victim of such crime. No more suffering! It will also level people’s lives as it will be more honest. No more division!

What is Currency?
What you most likely think is money, is actually currency. It is a unit of account, and a medium of exchange. It is fungible (Interchangeable. It is the same wherever it is on earth, durable (It never changes from one century to the next), portable and divisible (You can make change from it). Currency is simply paper and has no intrinsic value. Governments can print as much as they like. As such the quantity increases and the value decreases. Which means that you lose, and the governments gain wealth.
This kind of currency is also known as 'Fiat Currency'. Fiat is a Latin word and stands for 'an authoritative decree, sanction, or order'.

What is Money?
Money is also a unit of account, and a medium of exchange. It is also fungible, portable and divisible. But compared to currency, money does have intrinsic value. Silver and gold is the optimum for money. You can store a large amount of value is a small area. And it keeps its purchasing power, as there is only a limited amount of silver and gold. Precious metals exists in a finite amount, there is only so much on this planet and cannot be created.

What is Wealth?
Wealth is anything of value including natural and physical assets. Wealth cannot be destroyed, only transferred. Fiat currencies come and go with the rise and fall of nations, but gold and silver will always remain.

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